Sunday, January 11, 2009


This weekend was absolutely beautiful! Unfortunately I got to enjoy absolutely none of it! I am sick. I have a head cold or a sinus infection or some nasty combo of both and I feel like crap. I did make it out of the house but only to run errands.

Saturday I took Amber to the bowling alley on base. The church we've started attending had a youth group outing to the bowling alley. I hadn't planned on staying but I decided that it was better to be miserable and sociable than to sit at hom and wallow (is that how you spell that word?) in my misery! I did not bowl although I was invited to bowl. I don't like bowling. After three years of almost twice weekly bowling while stationed at Lakenheath in England I have developed a strong dislike of that particular sport. Plus my head felt like a bowling ball!

After bowling I went to a candle party. That was fun. Loads of people crammed into a very small house and I didn't know anyone except for the hostess. That was fine with me. I had told her I would show up and I wasn't relishing the idea of going home just yet so I found myself a chair and sat down. I purchased some candles, chatted randomly with some of the guests and ate a marshmallow dipped in chocolate! Yummy! I did manage to make a friend. I know I'm leaving the place in about 5 months time, but one can always use new friends right. She is a really cool, nice lady. Much younger than myself, but that's okay I can hang out with younger people. She does have a 13 year old daughter that was also at the party. We decided that our daughters had to meet. I want her daughter to meet mine to prove that not all homeschool kids are wierd. My daughter can meet her daughter and learn that not all of the kids that go to the local middle school are stuck up snobs!
That basically sums up my weekend. I played hookey from church today. Layed around most of the day. I frogged an entire sleeve of Amber's shrug! That was annoying, but had to be done. I managed to get done about 20 rows of it today. I need to have it finished ASAP! I figured out that I should not bind off each sleeve but continue on after placing my markers. This is my first article of clothing not counting ponchos. Ponchos don't count because that's just a rectangle that you've sewn up the middle. I'll try to post a picture of the shrug when it's finished. Wish me luck on finishing it in time for the dreaded homeschool dance....

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