Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Another day

I know, what a boring title to this blog but it fits. It's been yet another day like any other, almost done and over with. I've been sick to my stomach. I couldn't sleep last night. I am so worried about everything involving the adoption and I dread seeing COSB come up on our caller ID. (That's County of Santa Barbara.) I'm just so worried that it's bad news. I don't know why b/c I don't think we've done anything wrong. No, I know we haven't done anything wrong, but you just never know what's going to happen when they call. It's sad really b/c I never used to feel that way. I used to enjoy talking to our worker and filling her in on the baby's progress and what not. Now, I just want to have him adopted and officially say that he is my baby. I love him so much that it will break my heart if they take him away. We've filed for defacto parent status to give us more rights, but it's still up to the judge to grant that. PRAY PRAY!
So she called today, but no new news which is great in my mind! I think they want us to do acouple more things and have another agency check on us and than they'll finish the homestudy and put in for a court date. The bugger of it all is that it's so close to when we are moving. Plus we're moving overseas and that takes time and planning and a whole lot of paperwork. Right now we're not sure what name to put on the paperwork for the baby? His legal name right now or the name we're going to change to when he's adopted. The name we've been calling him since the day we got him. So much to do and think about and at the moment all I can do is wait.

Other than that, our day has gone well. Finally got Amber in to the orthodontist, much to her delight. She really wanted to change out her rubberbands. Now she is sporting grey, purple and black in her mouth.

Eric and his BFF are playing on the new Wii Fit that GM and GP sent for Christmas. They love it and I love that they are getting a workout. \

Alright, signing off, the neighbors daughter needs me to french braid her hair.

God Bless and much love!

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