Friday, December 26, 2008


Ugh! I've done it again! I lost everything I typed. FRUSTRATING!

I'm a good knitter, but not yet a good blogger!
I'm knitting a blue blanket in the dishcloth pattern. The blanket was going to be a gift for our last foster baby's big brother, but our Christmas plans to hang out with them fell through. I'm not sure that we'll get another chance to see them so my plans for the blanket have now changed. I love to give handmade gifts so I'm going to finish the blanket and add it to my stash of gifts to give, but no recipients in mind. It's a pretty blanket. I'm using 2 strands of Lion Brand Homespun held together with size 15 needles. It makes for a very thick warm blanket.

As soon as I am finished making this blanket I have to make a shrug for my daughter. She's attending a dance in January and her dress has only straps and no sleeves. I'm afraid her arms will feel bare so I've decided to make her a shrug. I have a pattern, it's one by Moda Dea but I'm open to check out other patterns. My yarn is a mauve sport weight yarn. Anyone that has a pattern and wants to send it, please do so! My skill level is beginner to intermediate. I stay away from advanced patterns right now. I have 4 kids and not alot of time. I like to do things that are somewhat easy, but look difficult and beautiful! Anyhow, I'm no designer so I always follow a pattern. If you are a designer and you've got a pattern suitable for my skill level and a 13 y/o wearer please, please, please send it my way!

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