Friday, December 26, 2008


Okay, so I spent a short while typing in my first blog and I think I've accidentally deleted it! OOPS! DUH! beginners mistake! I'm not really a beginner, but I'm certainly not an expert at blogging. I feel bad too, b/c I think what I had to "say" was super good. You'll never know will you. You'll have to trust that my thoughts and words in that first blog where so amazing that you are better off just not knowing.
So now here I sit, typing my second entry. My son is dressed as GI Joe or some version of him and carrying around the Air Hog Helicopter that he got for Christmas. That was not a requested gift, but somehow it's become a quick favorite! Way to go Santa Claus! My youngest is taking out the cereal again. He never seems to "fill up". At the rate he is eating he's going to be 40 lbs by the time he turns 2 in 10 months! The girls are watching Hairspray. A family gift from St. Nick. We got it b/c the 5 year old loves to sing and dance and I figured that the other stuff in the movie that's not totally appropriate would go unnoticed by her. So far it seems to be going unnoticed. She loves music! I love musicals.
So basically that's my family. I have a husband. 15 years we've been married. After 15 years he's still doing the same thing, playing video games up in our bedroom. He was doing that 15 years ago, just with less expensive and a less technological game system. Still the same type of games though. Games that I have tried time and time again to not let my son watch or play. I've been somewhat successful, but it's hard to get support from my DH when he's the one that buys and plays the games! UGH! Oh well, it's really the only parenting battle we have so I don't fight that hard. Other than the obsessive video game play he's a great husband and amazing dad. Always helps out and will drop that game to do almost anything I ask. Can't get better than that!
I hope that everyone reading has had a wonderful Christmas and is enjoying time off from whatever you do!

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